Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Microsoft, you're nuts!

What the heck did Microsoft install on my Vista Tablet PC overnight? This is crazy! Where is my heart medication? I feel dizzy. My head is spinning. Where is SP1 for Vista?

Microsoft fixes 17 flaws in 11 patches; 6 are 'critical'. LOL at you ****heads! I own a Mac. Uh oh, I own a WinPC too.

If you run Windows, you better read this. I suppose you can just click on the link. Hopefully it won't crash your WinOS.

My favorite part from the article above, is the following quote: "Tim Rains, security response communications lead for Microsoft, humorously noted that "Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 are not affected by any of today's bulletins." They're not affected because they are not yet available to the public."

I'm now going to LMAO all the way to work, because as "A Computer Pro" I'm sure I'll be very busy today. Wait a second... I'd rather be relaxing on the beach with an MacBook Air and a tall glass of Mountain Zin.

-gj (acomputerpro)