Monday, August 27, 2012

Photos of 8 different iPhones.

People constantly come up to me and ask, "gj d00d... what do iPhones look like?" I know it's a common question. With Samsung making so many different iPhone models, it's hard to know which is an authentic iPhone and which is an Apple knock-off.

Let's look at some pictures of iPhones from Mashable's website.

They are all shiny and black with lots of buttons and stamped with the official Samsung logo. Take note that Apple's knock-off has only two buttons and very little writing. The buttons have no markings so you never know what they do.

Also, the iPhone runs Android. It's an operating system developed by Google. It looks nothing like the iOS from Apple, which is very limited and illegal to copy.

So don't be fooled by imitation. Flattery will get you somewhere.

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