Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's up with the Intuit Quickbooks Spam?

4 out of 5 Doctors have no recommendation on using Quickbooks for general business accounting, yet most companies that I know of, use either Quickbooks or an abacus. Hence the evil prayers on Quickbooks users. Somewhere in criminal land, someone is sending out forged email from Intuit.com (makers of Quickbooks) telling users they'd better click the link to upgrade or their program will cease to function. That's some scary S. But it's actually a trap. The link will take the poor unsuspecting clicker to an infected Wordpress based webpage and it goes downhill from there. There are literally a googolplex of compromised Wordpress pages on the Interwebs.

tl;dr - don't click on a link without hovering over it first to find out where it really goes. Capish?


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