Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear #Apple & #ATT:

On Friday 9/21 when the stupid new iPhone 5 comes out, I'm not going to play the stand in line for the Emperor's new clothes game. Fool me once, shame in me. Fool me fivece, shame on YOU! It's bad enough I'm willing to spend money on a new phone... that's same as the old phone. Oh wait... I forgot. Faster, thinner, longer, lighter. So is my ****!

Since Apple and AT&T are playing the, "oh... we didn't have enough iPhone fives to sell online but you can line up like a Lemming and buy one on Friday game," I'm taking a stand! No no NO!

Because I'm a business customer, I can't buy an iPhone 5 from anyone else besides AT&T. My devious plan is to reserve one at Sam's Club... aka: Upscale Walmart. I have an appointment at 10:30 on Friday to get a shiny new iPhone 5 there but it will have to be a new personal account. No worries, I'll either convince AT&T to move it to my business account later, or I'll throw it through their window smashing it to bits.

And it always boils down to the least common denominator, right? Bits. It's just bits. Nothing more.