Monday, September 3, 2012

No holiday for me...

At first I was thinking... cool, it's a holiday here is the USA. I can take the day off from blogging. But then I remembered my new promise of, "a blog a day." Who's stupid idea was that? Not to mention it's the weekend and a holiday weekend to boot. No news. No tech tips. No virus warnings. What am I supposed to write about?

Did you hear that Lindsay Lohan may or may not have a stolen NeXT Cube in her bedroom? Let me see if I can find a pic... because you know the rule.

Note: I started this post on Sunday 9/2 at about 11 PM. Then I started Googling images of NeXT Cubes and Lindsay Logan, but I fell asleep before finishing this entry. Are there extra points for that?

... to be continued

... or maybe not

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