Sunday, October 14, 2012

A week... seriously?

How am I supposed to come up with something interesting to write about everyday? Sure, I get ideas but I like each blog entry to be excellent by Klingon standards. nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e'

I believe in quality over quantity, eggs over easy, moon over Miami and of course life on Mars. Speaking of which, Windows 8 is like 12 days away or something. Are you excited? Are you ready to learn Microsoft Windows all over again? A couple of weeks ago, I installed Windows 8 (I got it early because I'm special) on my wife's notebook PC. She hates me now.

Did I mention my main computer is a Macintosh? That's how I roll.

tl;dr: Butterflies are neither flies nor made of butter.

Did you miss me?


Erin said...

Pfffft...bragger! But then again, I've had 8 windows for a LONG time..but the right rear one doesn't roll down... I think its a BSOD - the black kind, because its heavily tinted.

But I must say, you really wasted your time putting it on your wifes laptop. If you were smart, like me, you would have put the box set of grays anatomy and ally mcbeal on her laptop. I did this, and I havent seen my wife in 5 days.

Damn, I just realized that was only moderately funny,but you may never know it because I just realized there might be one of those funny captchas below but my lynx browser doesnt support them. Argh, I hate Windows 3.1...I would they would come out with a new version.

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