Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NO "Corporate eFax message" for you!

Faxing sucks. It's old technology... just like the CD and condoms. Nobody needs it. I threw my fax machine into the Chicago River years ago. I tied a cement block to it, just in case cuz I don't need to see the Chicago Fax Police knocking at my door asking... "hey... wassup?"

eFax sucks too. Just attach the scanned document(s) to email and be done with it. Now we have some spammer in Argentina sending out fake eFax email with a malicious payload. Once again we turn to Dynamoo's Blog for the story.

Bottom line ______
                                see what I did there? Don't click on any links in email. Hover your cursor over the link and see where it goes, Moe.

Seacrest, OUT!

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